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Lady Nafisa School opened in 2009 with the intention to create a school in which students can achieve academic, spiritual and personal excellence (ihsan) in all that they do. Ma Jadda Wajada (whoever strives will succeed) has always been our mantra!

Year after year, with support from parents and the wider community we have worked hard to actualise this vision and it is wonderful to have some of our efforts recognised and praised by Ofsted.

Ofsted Report 2016 - Key Points

  • Pupils have very positive attitudes to learning. They conscientiously apply themselves to their work. They are curious and keen to succeed.
  • Pupils are courteous and behave well in lessons and around the school.
  • They are very well prepared for the next stages of their lives as responsible and proud British citizens.
  • The spiritual, moral social and cultural development of pupils is excellent
  • Teachers are well qualified in the subject that they teach. They are therefore good role models who inspire pupils towards academic success.
  • Teachers and pupils have very good working relationships. This results in respect, cooperation and hard work with no time being wasted during lessons.
  • Teachers have very high expectations of what all pupils, including the most able, can achieve. They ensure that once a pupil has mastered a concept she is immediately given more.
  • The school’s work to promote pupils’ personal development and welfare is outstanding.
  • Pupils grow in self-confidence as they progress through the school. They are articulate and freely express their views and opinions in a safe environment.
  • They develop their curiosity and are determined to learn well so that they are well prepared for their future lives. Pupils are proud of their school.
  • They have very positive attitudes to learning and try their best to succeed.

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